monsieur-pfister asked: What food am I


i had a research of ur blog and ur absolutely a burger because you seemingly eat them so much and i believe identity in a lot of ways is a conscious positioning to be a certain thing

i think you’re probably on the better end of the burger spectrum - like a halloumi burger, popular and made with care by a place that ranks a 4-4.5 on yelp but you should reconsider getting it with a shake and chips because that would be totally overboard. bring a bottle of water and hide it in your bag 

I don’t drink water.

Yoooooooo 6 cute photos of me hehehe :3  I was tagged by itsthom and alexandrabeth

1. I ordered a Final Fantasy XIII costume online for a Halloween Party. Didn’t end up coming home until the following morning, had to have breakfast in Ashgrove still wearing the fucking thing. This is my room in Sherwood, Brisbane (2011).

2. I remember winnr was in town and meeting gotitforcheap for the first time, getting very drunk at the Bowery, Yard Bird and Black Bear Lodge. Kissed a bloke too. This is my room in Spring Hill, Brisbane (2012)

3. I spent a lot of time sleeping on friends couches and drifting between Brisbane and my home town, last year between February and the start of September (when I moved to Melbourne). This is Ken’s old place. We got cheese steaks that night and went and saw Man of Steel (which was terrible). (June 2013).

4. Just me mentally preparing for a Tinder date (March, 2014)

5. Side eyeing the haters / getting amped for HTRK (May, 2014)

6. This was like two weeks ago. I went and saw TV Colours at the Northcote Social and bought one of their shirts. Bad Dreams ruled soooooo much. 

I kind of miss my longer hair but I’m also digging my shorter length a lot (I actually get a lot of compliments on my current hair cut). IDK. I’m 26 years old in 4 days and in that first photo I was only 22/23 like I hope I’m still this cute when I’m 30 ;_;

I want cute pics of winnr house-quake redvelvetgirl fringecuts cvnyon cheers and thank you. 

#oh hai  

“White sexual imperialism, through rape and war, created the hyper-sexualized stereotype of the Asian woman. This stereotype in turn fostered the over-prevalence of Asian women in pornography, the mail-order bride phenomenon, the Asian fetish syndrome, and worst of all, sexual violence against Asian women.”

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Cillian Murphy by Vassilis Karidis for So It Goes

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When you’ve almost lived in Melbourne for a year and the only people you hang out with are also from Brisbane and when you go to the pub together they play The Go Betweens :’)

I have been roaming about the place quite a bit lately.


i’m the jarl of this shithole fuckboi

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you would think those judgmental health nuts who educate themselves on the benefits of plant based/organic foods for the body would also educate themselves on the global food industry and how unhealthy foods are deliberately marked down and how many low income communities are actually deprived of access to healthy foods like……………….

yes. fuack y’all and your fucking lentils cunt

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Turns out I’ve had a good dose of the D sitting on my shelf this whole time #blessed #giveusthisdayourdailyD #only$11.95for90daysofD



Check this out: I’m “Monet-tising” my blog. Sorry about this joke.

I dunno. Ive either stepped in shit or a chocolate cake.

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Original illustration by Jaime Hernandez of Hopey and her band for the 1990 Love & Rockets calendar, published by Fantagraphics.

monsieur-pfister asked: do i have an aesthetic


when you get bang in the middle of a lomo fish eye so you look cute AF and all your pals look warped 

I’m getting people to pander to my narcism these days.